Monday, April 23, 2012

Lost in Time

Well, as my cousin Becky has pointed out multiple times... I haven't updated in quite a long time. I lost my drive, interest and frankly, I've lost a lot of time. I've recently started training to take the next step in my career and while it's not a TON of new information, my responsibility and my visibility in the company have grown by leaps and bounds. I'll soon be held accountable in driving a small portion of ICC's daily business. Eek... scary! But I'm ready for the challenge as I was growing a bit stale. I have noticed my wine intake having jumped a bit, but I think that's just cause I love an excuse to drink that delishious feet smushed liquid.

I've been horrible in watching what I eat, how often and how much. I know I've gained some weight back and I feel more slow, tired and overall unhappy. I looked in the mirror and lectured myself on how far I've come, it's not fair to me to stop now. I lecture really well (just ask my little sister) and convinced myself that the bandwagon was still waiting out back for me to jump on. To start my renewed "skinnybitchskinny" plan I portioned out my veggie straws into seperate bags. Again, we all know you can eat whatever you want in life as long as you keep it on the small side and/or account for those calories in your daily allotment. I also packed myself a hardboiled eggwhite, low fat string cheese, Chobani greek yogurt, a baked sweet potato and a Morning Star California turkey burger.

In my defense, I've made half good choices and half bad choices during the past few weeks. I've ate some pretty yummy and bad for you things like mac and cheese (REAL mac and cheese), Chinese, Pizza, Beer/Wine, Chips and Dip... you get the idea. I've also become obsessed with sweet potatoes. Well, I've been obsessed for a while but only recently felt brave enough to prepare them myself. I've made fries and baked potatoes... please add this orange spuds of delight to my list of amazing low calorie/good for you foods! 1. Spaghetti Squash 2. Sweet Potatoes 3. Fat Free Ranch :)

Please observe my new found sweet potato culinary skills and a few other items I've consumed :)

I have my first 5k on Sunday and let me tell you... I haven't been "training" aka running for longer than 5 minutes like I should have been. Mother Nature is dead set against me participating in outdoor activities. She's sent her silent killers out to attack my eyes, nose and throat so badly that when I attempted to run at the metro parks, instead of running I was flinging snot left and right. I will NEVER run without a fanny pack full of tissues EVER AGAIN. Since I'll never run with a fanny pack, I guess I'm back to my slogan of not running unless someone is chasing me.

le sigh.

I told Becks that I would run at least one mile every day this week and randomly choose one day to shoot for the whole 3.1 miles. Does this outlook seem remotely good for being outside and making your lungs work overtime?

 No, I didn't think so! I will push through, but I'm not sure how happy I will be about it. This week is a test. I must not cheat, I must not over eat, I must not skip my workout. Here we go!