Monday, October 24, 2011

ICC Biggest Loser begins again!

It's that awesome first day again :) I set out at 7:20 this morning, hoping to be early for my appointment so I could get to work a bit early. I should have known, that even though I knew where I was going... I got lost. I'm getting really sick of knowing where I need to be, but somehow not getting there on the first try. My ability to copilot myself or anyone else has gone completely down the tubes.

Bodpod. Let's chat about it again. You get down to your skivvies, put on a swimming cap over your hair and sit in the egg. Observe below;

Now, she looks happy and has hair, instead, the person sitting inside is cold, uncomfortable and lacking hair.

Since the last weigh in back in April, I've lost 6.4% breaking down to 28.6 pounds, 24.8 of that was fat and 3.8 was lean mass... meaning, get back to the weights girlfriend. That muscle is my best friend in burning up calories, so I'll be pumping some iron tonight :) When I lost the 5% I need to for this new competition, I'll be in the "Acceptable" rang of health, which is exactly where I want to be. Goal weight is 175. Here we go!!

Also, let's recap the weekend, because, what a weekend it was... if you think that that statement sounds exciting and fun, NO, it was the exact opposite. I made a COMPLETE fool of myself and am vowing that after this Biggest Loser Contest, I won't go back to drinking that much, ever again. EVER. I'm going to gloss over the nitty gritty while still giving you the drama.

I went to a family friend's wedding in which a lot of my high school classmates attended, along with my parents, sister, and parent's friends. Some of these people have known me since I was in diapers. The ceremony was great, the bride was beautiful and the groom was beaming. After the ceremony everyone headed over to a nearby hotel for happy hour before hitting up the reception. I thought we had more time than we did and ended up having to shoot my second vodka tonic down pretty quickly. By the time the short walk to the reception site was done, I was feeling a bit heated. By the time dinner was served, I was on my way to tipsy. One of my mom's friends wanted me to meet a guy she knows that she said was super nice and key word, single. I really, really don't enjoy match making, especially during an event like this, but she's so nice and knows me so well, I thought, surely this can't be bad, right?

Wrong. The reason 2 + 2 does not = 4 is because it went more like 2 + 8 shots of vodka = disaster. DISASTER I tell you. I was so drunk that I was dancing with this guy like I was at a club and NOT at a wedding attended by my parents. But wait, it gets worse... my drunk ass self decides we need to talk and its obviously quieter behind the pillar across from the dance floor. Everyone knows that pillars have magical powers that allow for conversation. Obviously this guy didn't know that pillar = conversation because instead of his tongue telling me what he does for a living and what color flowers he plants in his garden, it was down my throat. Wow... yeah, I just put that out there. I have to own it though, because EVERYONE knew I was "behind the pillar". Sorry Mom and Dad... definitely half made out with a guy I didn't even know, right in front of your eyes but behind the pillar.

After the lights came on, I somehow stumbled my way back to my parents, proceeded to chuck off my shoes and then walked to the car, through downtown, barefoot. We stopped to drop my sister off, I used her bathroom and drank water straight from the faucet and then got back in the car... I definitely don't remember that at all. First ever black out, go me.

Of course I finished up the evening and following early morning with my best friend, toilet. We're close, I even cleaned him twice in preparation for this event, I had had a sense of foreboding on Friday evening... I love throwing up in a super clean toilet :)

The only good thing out of this weekend was, my mom, sister and I got a great photo together and I get to frame it and put it on my desk... to always remember DON'T DRINK VODKA.

On a lighter note, here are the pictures I promised showing my mediocre cake baking/decorating skills;

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Can you say Carb?

I am cursed...

with a ridiculous obsession with love! :::please refer to the opening scenes of Moulin Rouge

In reality, on top of being obsessed with the idea of love, I'm REALLY obsessed with eating carbs and starches and sugar oh my!

Which, brings me to another thing, that horrible Zanesville man that kept wild animals in cages... it was so awful to see the image of 43 beautiful animals shot to death in order to keep them from roaming the Ohio countryside. Hopefully a new law will go through that prevents stupid people from keeping wild animals as pets.

I haven't posted often, but Monday I weigh in for another session of ICC Biggest Loser... not only does the winner get $300 but if you meet the 5% loss/gain goal, you get double your entrance money back. I'm hoping that I can jump back on this bandwagon with minimal effort, but I know, deep down, that this second round will be a struggle.

I'm baking a cake tonight for a friend's birthday, HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY SARAH, and I'm way too excited to decorate it and then give her her PRESENTS;) and then devour it! WHOMP! Remember, I don't weigh in til Monday.

Happy almost weekend everyone and I look forward to sharing my dessert creation with you after the weekend :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm Back!

So I took a month off, lived life without counting calories or hitting the gym everyday. I was really, really, REALLY dreading my Wednesday weigh in this morning. I mean, honestly? I ate pizza, I ate noodles, I ate candy and cake and plenty of other sweets. Sure I walked Colbie as much as the weather allowed, but it sure as heck wasn't everyday! I didn't drink enough water and instead drank more soda and wine and liquor :)After all that I thought, "Surely I've gained at least five pounds, or have jumped up past my horrid hurdle of 200."

Amazingly enough, I have only gained a pound or so... and in my opinion, that isn't so bad in the grand scheme of things. Gaining anything at all should not be celebrated, but what I am celebrating is that I think I've learned portion control to the point where I don't have to think about it anymore. I anticipate my stomach feeling full and stop three bites before.

But now I'm back, from outerspace... sorry, my mind went down a different path, but I am back on the wagon. I've gotten my cravings and fixes out of the way. I started back at the gym on Monday as well as logging my food in MyPlate.

My awesome little pup, (featured wearing the CONE OF SHAME) Colbie, managed to break my bank yesterday. I spent $275 at the vet after she tore her head apart and managed to get yet another double ear infection. As a way of working off my anger and sadness at being beyond poor yet again, I took her for a walk around my newly repaved neighborhood. After that jaunt, I had a Potbelly Chickpea Veggies Salad with Nonfat Vinaigrette dressing and a few pieces of my leftover Brio Margherita Flat bread Pizza. Delish!

But wait, I'm not done! I then went to the gym and kicked in up for a half hour on the elliptical. Biggest Loser came on and I felt like a dumb butt for saying, well, I'll just go home now. The show is so inspiring that I decided to walk on the treadmill on a slight incline and when the commercials came on, I ran until the show started again. Overall, I believe that I completed 6.5 miles between the walk, elliptical and treadmill :) I think the Wagon is behind me at this point. I feel refreshed and ready to grab this journey by the horns again!

Lastly, I'd like to finish with a few pictures of the event that led me to this weight loss. My best friend's wedding was this past Saturday. When I had to order my bridesmaid dress in January, I ordered a size 22. After it was altered and 12 inches had been taken out, this is what it looked like. I feel good. :)