Monday, February 18, 2013

Hello 2013!

Remember when I lost 60 pounds?
No worries, I was able to find 13 of it... they came back in the second half of 2012.

Which means that 2013 is dedicated to running away from those 13 plus the remaining 20 I'd previously set. So we're up to 33 pounds people. I expect you to help keep me in line, as I apparently can't rely on myself! I'm taking some baby steps towards getting back on track. Mainly I need to stay away from yummy food again and watch my protions. I've been at the gym at least four days a week, so the goal is to add one or two more with one day of rest. I really miss my trainer... I could use a good butt kicking right about now.

It's wedding season yet again with Bridesmaid duty #1 in March and Bridesmaid duty #2 in September. Weddings seem to be a good driving factor for me, so that's my goal... to be extremely easy on the eyes in those dresses ;)

Did I forget to mention it's Lent and I've given up meat again? Meat and chocolate chips. Two words... oh boy. Maybe another word... shit.

The world is making it hard this year... my mom ate bacon at breakfast in front of me this weekend, The Food Network is showing meat filled cooking shows and it seems everywhere I turn in the store there is some other delicious carnivoristic option dancing before my eyes.

Here's my weekend attempt at getting back on the veggie train.

Breakfast consisting of egg whites, tomatoes, green and red peppers, onions and a bit of cheese. All paired with the lowest calorie bread you can find...
Mashed Cauliflower. Not so bad, not so great. Not mashed potatoes... sooo this is essentially a stop gap option.

My new favorite thing! Hummus plate with, der, you guessed it, HUMMUS! Red pepper hummus to be accurate. Topped with brown rice, red peppers, onions, tomatoes, romaine and a bit of mozzarella. Should be feta but you gotta go with what you got.

So now you're caught up. I can feel your eagerness for more but believe me, we need to start off slow otherwise we might burn out.

Anyone have EASY & QUICK veggie meals they can suggest for the Lental season? You'll get to see my toodles and noodles here soon and after that I'm all out of options :)