Monday, May 7, 2012

Wow... not good!

I must update my diet plan as of right now. This GM thing is nuts... I'm already shaky, dizzy and have a headache. I didn't feel bad doing my last diet, nor did I feel hungry. Tried and true is the way to go. I'm going to find that dedication and wrangle it by the horns.

Portion control, fresh produce mixed with a healthy amount of protein and carbs, followed by exercise.

Let's do this instead of fad diets. There's a reason I feel like poo only 7 hours in.

Hi, my name is Lindsay and I've fallen off the wagon

I've fallen off the wagon so hard that part of the ground embedded itself into my skin... I mean, that's the only reason that I've gained 10 pounds... pavement is really heavy, so yeah...

I have been an adult for almost 5 years now and there is one thing that I've noticed, time flies. Literally. As the time flies, my ability to overindulge in yumminess has increased and my diet minded self took a vacation. She must be in France, or Italy, maybe even China, because those dishes have made quite the appearance in my daily meals. It's so frustrating to know that I am addicted to bad food (it tastes so good).

All that dedication and ability to focus solely on making the right decisions has fallen by the wayside. I've been telling myself its okay because I'm slightly stressed and lonely. But again, lonely calories don't make for an attractive person, it sets me back in my goal of feeling attractive.

I knew stepping on the scale this morning wouldn't make me feel like a good person. I knew that it would make me want to crawl into bed and just cry my eyes out... instead, I'm attempting a crazy diet. Yep. Why not start back in an insane and untested way?

The GM Diet. Yep, General Motors felt that their employees needed a way to cleanse their bodies and lose weight to enjoy work better :::crickets::: I'm not going to lie, I didn't hear about this idea from a friend, coworker, trainer or anyone that I know. I saw it on Pinterest... and since Pinterest is all knowing and truthful, so here we are.

Day 1 consists of eating only fruit, excluding bananas. The site suggests eating mainly melons. Kristy and I decided we would do this together. We went grocery shopping and I bought watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew and apples. I'm not a huge fan of fruit, so I think today will be the most difficult for me and so far it's proving true. I'm not satisfied with my cantaloupe nor my apple. With every diet plan, water plays a large role. So I have to hit ten cups, easy breezy.

I think lunch will consist of my watermelon and tons of water. Snack will be apples and the honey dew. Dinner... well, you get the idea.

I don't think this is unhealthy for those of you thinking this is crazy. Yes, I'm not eating any carbs, but everything is fresh and good for me and I get to eat as much of it as I want. I'm not limited to 500 calories and if I'm hungry I just eat more of my daily allowance.

I think this is more of a test of my ability to say no to my cravings. I need to regain my steel backbone that can withstand temptation in the form of cupcakes, mac and cheese, pizza and crab rangoon. I need my fitness drive back, I need it back so I don't feel guilty and horrible. I liked in shape Lindsay, she was fun and confident and hot. Hopefully her vacation is over and she's ready for this, cause it's on!