Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Resting - But why?

I am still on a slight hiatus as my calf recovers from whatever it is I did while running in my flip flops. It was sore on Monday and seemed better yesterday afternoon... but then towards the evening and now this morning I have a burning sensation right where it "cramped" before. It's not a comforting feeling but I'll ice it down and continue to "massage" it with a soup can :) That's what the experts say helps so I'm souping it up!

I also have already had a close call in slipping on ice... I forgot how much it sucks to walk outside with a bum knee. It's like all that confidence, control and steady support you used to have flies right out the door as the snow falls. It's such a weird sensation to feel your joint wiggle and warn you that another twist like that could spell out imminent danger! Danger Will Robinson, Danger!

I just wanted to wish everyone safe travels through out this holiday season! I might play tons of catch up on the workout over break on my parents treadmill... thats if the ancient thing still works ;)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 2 of Week 4 doing Week 5's workout :)

Get it? ;) First thing to remember is that I'm doing week 5's workout in place of my Week 4 one due to technical issues. Second, this post is in reference to Saturday's workout.

The lady switched the routine up on me AGAIN and this workout was even more of a change, AH! I went from five minutes runs on Wednesday of last week, to eight minute runs this weekend... big jump. Add that to the fact that the weight room is super de dooper hot, I got dizzy/faint the second eight minute run and had to slow down to a walk... not a good thing in my opinion. I'm going to ask for the temperature to be lowered tonight so I can actually complete my routine with out feeling like a failure.

On a funny side note, I managed to get a KILLER cramp in my calf when running to the mall due to rain... I was wearing flip flops if that helps ;) After limping around the mall looking like a total DB, I managed to exude even more gracefulness last night. I feel down the stairs, bashed my nose on a ladder and skinned up my knee.

BUT girlfriend here installed a whole ten foot closet organizer all by myself :) AND it was still attached to the wall and was holding all my clothes this morning when I woke up. WIN!

10 days until Christmas vacation begins!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Week 5's workout in place of Week 4 = Crampy feet, sweat and headaches

Monday didn't happen... obviously. I had previous plans and a slight headache. Usually slight headaches turn into barfing migraines when I workout, and I don't like to run and spew, sooo skipping seemed like the only option.

Wednesday rolled around and I was basically obligated to work harder to make up for my Monday miss. As the title of this post so confusingly puts it... Week 4? Week 5? Did you run both? Why would you do that? Lucy, you have some splaining to do!

I started listening to my Week 4 podcast and low and behold the creator forgot to insert the little tidbits that tell you when to run and when to walk. Since I'm ADD to begin with I knew this wouldn't work for me. I had come to a fork in the road. To the left was Week 3 jumping up and down yelling "Pick me, pick me! I'm easy and you only have to run for 3 minutes at the most! Ohhh pick me!" On the right was Week 5 staring at me through not so happy eyes mumbling "Dude, if you pick me you're gonna have to run for 5 minutes three times in a row. Do you really want to go there?"

Staring longly in Week 3's direction, I found my fingers playing Week 5's workout instead... go me! NOT! There are reasons other than 5 minute runs that this work out sucked. I was using some new shoes that were given to me by my cousin. I don't know why, but my feet cramped up like woah bad in them. I might give them another try, but all I did was concentrate on how they hurt and it seemed to make the work out take that much longer.

The work out was as follows: 5 minute warm up, 5 minutes running, 3 minutes walking for 3 cycles followed by a 5 minute cool down. Not too bad for all you in shape running folk. I did the first run without too much difficulty but the last two were challenging with crampy feet. I finished and was super sweaty, hot and red. Then I got a headache... which I still have right now. Woot woot.

Overall skipping Week 4 and going straight to Week 5 wasn't too hard. :) I guess I'll see ya Friday after I go for a second dose of it!

Friday, December 3, 2010

TGIF Week 3 Day 3!

Today was another first people. Stop what you are doing and sit down... this is big news.

I ran on a treadmill voluntarily.

There, I said it, or did it depending on how you see it. :) I caved and stayed in the warmth of indoors. My condo complex has a small workout room with a few treadmills and other machines. Surprisingly no one was in there and I had the place to myself, which I prefer. I have to say it was a much easier and pleasant experience not freezing my ass off while enjoying mother nature's frozen precipitation.

I feel like I still run incorrectly, the front of my legs get really tired extremely fast. I know it's probably from running on my toes or something strange like that... sucks to know that for three years in band I ran on my toes because "that's how we run", it's more graceful, blah blah blah. I hope one day I'll walk and run like a normal person, til that happens, easily tired legs here I come.

This weekend brings two long days at the OG in hopes that all of Columbus comes ready to tip over 10%. I just read an article on CNN Money about how the standard tipping rate in a restaurant is 15% for adequate service. Please reference the article here and shout it from the rooftops. Servers have to pay their bills too. We make $2.50 an hour and have to tip 10% out to the bussers and 5% to the bartenders. If you leave $2.00 on your bill of $60.00. Doing the math results in my taking home $1.70. Would you want your son or daughter to have that happen to them? No, didn't think so. If you can't afford to tip 15%, eat at a cheaper restaurant. 10% is unacceptable and I have four words for you. Karma is a bitch.

Safe travels and fun times to all this winter weekend!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Hey y'all! This here is a picture of my awesome cousin Jayme. See the snow? She does that all the time. Me? Not so much, and I am so not looking forward to tonight's run!

Update to come!


After the run...