Monday, June 25, 2012

Completely Insane

Today was pretty good. I only had two cups of coffee... BUT coffee is good for you! So take that! I also had my gallon of water, boom boom!

For breakfast I had reduced sugar oatmeal because it was left on the counter and I took it. I had no breakfast food, sooo yeah.

Snacks today consisted of watermelon, hard boiled egg whites, and a banana. Lunch was a lunch and learn on nutrition, perfect right? They brought in Subway. I had a 6" veggie with no cheese, no toppings on wheat. It was delish.

I went to the gym do to some lifting and of course, everyone in the neighborhood decided to hit that tiny gym. Sooo I left and tried my first attempt at Insanity. I found a link that had all the workouts, so I decided to give the fit test a try.

Guess what, it wasn't the fit test :( As you can tell by my expression, I'm not quite sure what happened, but I think it was an actual work out. It was hard. I sweated, and now with this breeze blowing on through the house, I'm FREEZING! Colbie just sat and watched me the whole time and she desperately wanted to join in...
As I was preparing to cook my dinner, I realized that Colbie didn't have any food. Soo we took a little trip to the pet store and I got my lifting in after all! I got the giant bag of food and had to muscle that around the store with a dog pulling me every which way ;)

So now on to the fun part! Foooooood! Here's what we started with...

We always have to include my peppers and onions, dinner just wouldn't be complete without them! Pre-heat the pan to medium and layer the whole wheat tortilla with fat free mozzarella and peppers and onions. Fold over and spray the top of some cooking spray, flip, spray, flip, flip and take out of the pan once the cheese has melted and glued everything together. Cut and serve with the Light Prego sauce and you have a yummy pizza quesadilla!

I'm really excited for lunch tomorrow, not gonna lie. I packed another whole wheat tortilla, fat free cream cheese mixed with freshly chopped green onion and basil, turkey breast and lettuce... I'ma gonna have me a wrap!! Pair it with a salad covered in peppers and I'm gonna have a fantastic lunch hour.

I'll try to document it, but I'm pretty sure I'll eat it before I realize my camera is still in my pocket.

Friday, June 22, 2012

It's ok, I know I suck at updating.

Thanks to my cousin Becky, whom I've tasked with riding my butt for blog posts, I'm finally writing an update.

Work is NUTS! My team lead was out this week on vacation and I essentially was tasked with covering his list of active candidates on top of my own. Mind you, my list can barely be considered a list. I've now learned how to get H1 documents together and ready for the immigration department to send out to our attorneys... lesson learned, don't forget to make copies of your offer letter and employment agreement before turning them in to HR. I sent one of his candidates his offer letter and employment agreement and then I helped two candidates get their new hire appointments set up so they could start with ICC. Now if only I could do this for my own candidates, life would be swell.

Last week was a good week for me and the gym. We were buddy buddies. Then this week happened and with it went the gym visits and my good will to eat well. I'm getting p-r-e-t-t-y bruised up from falling off this wagon so many times. It's getting harder and harder to jump back up and climb aboard. But ima gonna give it another go, especially in light of the five weddings I still have yet to attend this summer.

Today begins the renewed urge to track everything that goes in my mouth. So far we've broken the over night fast with pineapple Greek yogurt (I'm still an advocate of Aldi's brand, $.89 a cup, come on!), I had a salt craving so I had a serving of chips and I'm fine with that as long as I drink extra water to make up for it. Lunch is comprised of delicious watermelon and this num num entree.

Can anyone guess what I have here? One hint, it's only 200 calories give or take for that entire thing.

Also, why did summer decide that she wanted to visit early? It's so dreadfully hot that I've had my air on continuously for over a week. I dislike not being able to sleep with my windows open, Colbie hates it too. I'm also grumpy about the hot weather because I'm not able to enjoy it poolside on the weekends due to having to drive home so often! I bought two new swim suits that I'm dying to wear (first off, I never die to wear a swim suit, does that tell you anything?)

My cousin Katie has said that she's enjoying a diet that consists of zero processed foods. I've come to realize that when I buy groceries on my own, I don't usually buy the standards of processed foods ie: cereal, bread, pasta. I do however, for convenience purposes, get things like rice cakes, breakfast bars, and veggie straws (my chip attack was a random thing that should never have happened). I used to have lean cuisines at lunch almost every day, and those were easy for me and kept my intake to a minimum but I no longer buy those because my wallet always says no.

This weekend I'll be heading back up to the Dusky to visit Put In Bay with a close friend of mine who will be in town from DC for the weekend. It should be beautiful and not too hot. My challenge will be to make the right decisions for my body. Try to eat before I leave or if I have to get food on the island, make it a dry salad. Drinking will be the biggest hurdle. I've adopted the lowest calorie approach of vodka and diet soda or water when not available. I will be sure to put a water or two in between every drink, but need to be conscious that every drink adds up!

As I stated to my cousins in a conversation a few weeks ago, next summer I want to be in a bikini on a beach, making men stare long enough to run into signs when passing by. Instead of "who let that whale on the beach" it'll be "hey, can I get your number". Take that!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

My name is Lindsay

and I'm addicted to food. I'm always honest in my posts... and it is so hard for me to say that I've gained 15 pounds total ever since I stopped watching what I was eating, working out and training with Heather... I think since before the start of the year. That's way too much weight to gain in so little time.

I feel bad and tired and grumpy all the time now and know that I need to re-learn the smart choices, re-dedicate myself to the gym and eating right.

I had a long week this week. It was MidwestUX 2012, a conference that I was part of planning and running. It was quite tiring and I was only home to sleep for 5-6 hours a night before heading back to start the next day of the conference.

Since I haven't had any time to walk or cook my own food, today I woke up and immediately went to the gym to hit some weights and get some cardio in. I was dripping sweat and feeling so tired after only an hour... disappointing :(

Came home, had a salad with fat free ranch and two veggie burgers. Then I tackled painting the kitchen. I'm going to log that as exercise, cause let's be honest, painting is a WORKOUT. Especially in tiny spaces where you are standing on the counter, ducking and painting at the same time.

I succeeded in giving myself a migraine, so the rest of today was spent sleeping, ordering a pizza (which I only ate a little of, considering I had nothing the rest of the day, not such a horrible decision)

I am going to try so hard to be a gym rat again by taking my clothes to work and changing so I can go directly after.

Wish me luck, I have to do some damage control.