Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday

Well, the best/worst day of the week has arrived, weigh in Wednesday. I definitely feel as if I've stepped up my game in the activity area, however, I've not been so strict in my diet... and since we all know it's more important about what goes in your body, we shouldn't be surprised that I've not lost anything since last week.

Disappointing and upsetting but because I only have myself to blame. Hopefully, despite this weekend being a long, holiday weekend, I'll have made all the right choices and gotten in more time spent running around and being active.

Good news, Baxter is back to commenting, wahoo, nice to see ya Becks! Thanks for the pump up, it's time to get serious.

I just came across a Beta program ( that Jeremy Reid, an online personal trainer, is running for his fitness business. It's a free trial and might just be a new way for me to learn to eat food as fuel versus food as fun. He needs full body pictures though, and that's ALWAYS a hard thing for an overweight person to commit to, but if the Biggest Loser contestants can be that brave, so can I!

Let's do a weekend recap from earlier this week. I helped watch one of my best friend's children this weekend while she was recovering from not feeling well. A 2 year old and an almost 6 month old, it was fun and tiring, don't know how she does it because she still has a 10 year old to add to the mix, I just didn't need to watch him :)

I changed poopy diapers, I did the bottle feeding, and the wearing of spit up. I rocked it out, but was very happy to take my fur child home where I could just sit on the couch and veg. I'm definitely not mom material yet.

Sunday is where the fun comes in... I went to see Star Trek with my friend Dana. We were just sitting, enjoying our popcorn (reason 1 for not losing weight) and watching Chris Pine kick butt when this tiny old man caned his way up the stairs, very, very slowly. It wasn't until he passed us on his way up that we realized that he'd had a serious accident in his pants. I feel bad sharing this story, but it was THE WORST thing I've ever smelled in my life and I have never been more grateful for semi wet hair that smells divinely like shampoo and conditioner. It lingered for at least 10 minutes... and then I realized he was on his way back down the stairs...

Why, oh why, did this man climb the stairs to the top of this very tall theater only to come back down? I do not know, but my theory is that he came into the wrong theater :( Poor little man.

After that wonderful experience, we went to target to try on hats and creep out strangers that were shopping for deodorant (I was just doing my womanly duty to tell this lady that there was better deodorant on clearance right around the corner because I didn't want her to miss it!). My weekend was pretty fun, hope yours was too and that the holiday coming up is spent with family and friends, thanking God for the time we have with them!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Clean vs Not-So-Clean

So... how much of a difference does it make eating clean vs not-so-clean? For example: I really like cheese. Cheese is not clean, right?

Last night I made the most delicious "mac and cheese" with Kraft fat free singles and zucchini... and it was amazing. I will be making it again... soon.

So for someone who is not attempting to be a fitness model (I mean it'd be nice, but that's not me), can I continue to eat my cheese as long as I don't go over my daily caloric amount? Other than cheese, I'm pretty good at keeping things on the straight and narrow. I've fully adopted brown rice, stay away from bread no matter what (except at Brio... and CafĂ© Istanbul... and pita in general) I hardly eat pasta since I enjoy zucchini and spaghetti squash so much. I steam or eat my veggies raw, I don't drink milk and if I have to, it's almond milk. I've dropped soda for water, although a random can or two might make it's way into my hands during a rough week...

Ugh, I just feel stuck. But I went to the gym this morning and did my weights and tonight is insanity... so maybe I'll feel better after that.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bloggin for Becky ;)

Time to get this blog up and running again (this blog is the only place I am willing to use the running word). It's summer and so much easier to convince myself to be active instead of hibernating and hiding from the snow, sleet and yuckiness that is Ohio in the winter. On top of that, my cousin Becky, my most loyal supporter, needs posts to read so she can keep me in line during her travels.

Also, you should always "know your numbers" I passed with flying colors for all of my health screenings, except weight. No surprise there, as that has been the same for these screenings for the past five years. My weight is 214. I'm owning up to that and the need to lose that 14 lbs and then continue from where I left off.

I've started working out with my trainer again, once a week, so that is also helping me feel more accountable. Also, I found a lifting routine that I feel comfortable with and is easy to squeeze in before work in the morning. Add in the blog and the fact that my entire family is on a health kick, and BOOM, inspiration.

My Mom and Dad are amazing, my Mom alone has lost 30 pounds since January just from eating right and working out. She is on fire! My Dad is keeping off his weight and although we have the same tendency to scarf pizza without taking a breath or chewing, he's doing great on making smarter choices too!

I've recently fallen in love with substituting zucchini for pasta. I bought a julienne peeler and it's my new best friend. I would sleep with the little bugger tucked under my pillow if I didn't think I would end up shredding myself during the midnight hours. You can top it with spaghetti sauce, lemon juice, balsamic, pesto... the list goes ever onward! I like it even better than spaghetti squash because 1. it's cheaper, 2. you don't have to wait for it to bake for 45 minutes and 3. it has a better taste than the squash.

Today I'm off to a good start with my whole grain cheerios (dry, because I rock at remembering my milk) and a banana. I've already had 5 glasses of water and for lunch I have some veggie stew that I made and froze a few weeks ago. Tonight I plan on taking the dog for a walk/jog as the weather is gorgeous... unless mother nature decides against it ie: allergies, storms and other random acts of God.

After I might grill out with a turkey burger, zucchini pasta topped with lemon juice and some broccoli. :) Happy Hump Day everyone!