Monday, March 26, 2012

Hunger Games & More!

Yes, I am a fan of The Hunger Games series. So I've been eagerly awaiting the release of the first movie. Friday rolled around and I watched that movie was noshing on some popcorn with butter :::gasp::: followed by chicken fingers and a baked potato :::heave::: and topped it with a handful of jelly beans :::womp:::

The movie was great despite my horrid behavior :)

I ate pizza for two meals out of my three on Saturday. Does that give you ANY idea as to how the rest of the weekend went? I own up to it. I was craving pizza so bad as I am a firm believer that Columbus pizza sucks, so while in Sandusky I needed real nom nom pizza.

So overall, I was bad Friday and Saturday. Sunday we made some red skin mashed potatoes, baked chicken and broccoli. I might have had two biscuits. Sue me.

I've been extremely good today, back on the boat... (I prefer boats over wagons personally, smoother ride). I welcomed the day with my toast and sugar free jam, snacked on some carrots and hummus, indulged in a lean cuisine for lunch and snacked again on a turkey, lettuce, hummus wrap in the afternoon.

The challenge of the day is my cupcake decorating groupon class that Kelly and I will be participating in tonight. I have 6 cupcakes I'm responsible for learning to frost and decorate... and NOT EAT. I plan on taking them to work tomorrow to show off my mad skill and to pawn the calories off on some unsuspecting soul :) After cupcakes I get to dominate in volleyball. I'm very excited about this round of indoor as my sister is playing and I know together we will wipe the court... if not with the other team, then with each other ;)

Update on ICC Biggest Loser... since I so frustratingly gained and not lost this round, I've opted to push my weigh in out to July. I want to meet my personal goal of 5% fat loss or 5% muscle gain. I know that I haven't put my foot down and I know that that has to change! I still have weight and inches to lose, and damned if it doesn't happen by July.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I suck at basically everything right now!

Posting, following my diet, acting normal and being nice to not just people in general, but my co-workers. Ugh, it's awful. I'm awful. I suck!

It started with St. Patty's Day, went downhill and I'm still trying to recover. I had a lot of beer, a lot of alcohol, fried food and no exercise. Boom, two pounds of bloated, awful feeling me on display for the world.

I also have been so busy the past two weeks, living the life of a childless mother. The dog has been with the parents, enjoying tennis ball heaven and I've been out every night. I'm exhausted. I consider myself social and people oriented. I like telling funny stories and being the center of attention sometimes ;) I've changed my mind on being a social butterfly that goes out on the town every night, because I'm tired and cranky. I'm so sick of having to talk that at work all I do is put on my headphones til I have to make calls and... you guessed it, talk!

I'm gonna lay it out for you, because I know you're thinking 'It can't be that bad!'

Tuesday the 13th - Conference Planning meeting til late in the evening
Wednesday the 14th - Dinner at this fabulous Indian restaurant in Grandview (Aab) and shopping with Katy and Amber.
Thursday the 15th - Happy Hour and more shopping with Katy, Kristy and Kelly.
Friday the 16th - CYP Social & Happy Hour at Fado with Kelly and other random friends I've made in Columbus (Stacey, Scott and one of my friends from Dusky, Maggie C!)
Saturday the 17th - Dayton trip with Sarah to celebrate the awesomeness of the Irish
Sunday the 18th - Irish celebration number 2 with Amber, Katy and other friends (I now love the corned beef, cabbage and dumpling combo).
Monday the 19th - Ran errands out and about that needed to happen
Tuesday the 20th - Annual Meeting for ICC (allll night, so tired the next day).
Wednesday the 21 - Cancelled my plans because I was super grumpy and not in the mood to mingle.
Thursday (today) - Going out for drinks ;)
Friday (tomorrow) - HUNGER GAMES!
Saturday (two days from now) - Bridal Shower.

The end. I'm done, I need a nap.

I will show you my delicious dinner from last night, yesterday I got back on the healthy band wagon by eating lots of protein, and strictly counting my calories. I made some spaghetti squash topped with balsamic vin dressing, cherry tomatoes and fat free mozzarella. I paired all that with my favorite summer protein, Morning Star California Turkey Burgers.

Nom Nom Nom!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

40 Days of Honor - Day 20 Kmae

Dearest Kmae,

I honor you on the 20th day of Lent because you are a rock star. You are the reason I started to believe that I could lose the weight, you were my original inspiration. I wanted to be active and happy just like you. I saw your posts about training for marathons and being out and about. I knew that it would be hard, but reading your blog and seeing that you faced the same trials, it helped knowing that I wasn't alone. I was able to run 3.1 miles the other day without stopping, and while that is not a half marathon or a full, it's that much closer to being like you!

You are so very brave for putting your emotions and feelings out where the world can read. It's hard to share the depth of yourself that you have, and I honor you for doing it. I know it's got to have helped others just like it did me.

Thank you for you! May God continue to bless you in life with friends and family that are supportive and caring :) You've got places to go and I'm excited to follow along!!

40 Days of Honor - Day 19 Terry & his Mom

For the 19th day of Lent, I'm honoring two people who came into my life recently and quite randomly. It was a Saturday lunch shift at the OG and I was sat a table of two. An older gentleman and and even older woman. She had a walker and instantly reminded me of my Grandma Connelly. They ordered a bottle of White Zin and he had the spaghetti with sausage with a side of zuppa soup while she had the salmon and a salad with ranch and extra olives only.

Terry and his Mom continued to visit every Saturday and soon become known as Lindsay's regulars. Not many servers at the OG have regulars other than Chris, so I felt special. Terry always left my $15 for my tip even if I wasn't able to stay and talk with them as much as I had the week before. They were always kind and it was nice to see their familiar faces at my table.

They made my Saturday shifts more pleasant and for that I thank them. They could have easily come in and just had any other server take care of them for that day. I wanted to honor Terry and his Mom for being caring and honest folk who understand the joys of working in the service industry ;) May the Lord continue to bless her with good health and Terry with the growth of his family.

Monday, March 12, 2012

40 Days of Honor - Day 18 Micha

40 Days of Honor - Days 10-17

Day 10: Keith

Keith is one of my cousin's and he's a pretty cool dude. Chill, doesn't create drama and is really tall. I dedicate my day 10 post to Keith because I look up to him and respect him both as my cousin, but as a person who has served in the armed forces as a Marine. He put his life on the line to protect my life, the lives of our families and everyone in the US. I can only imagine the strength it take to travel over seas to a foreign land and walk among potential enemies. Keith doesn't let the knocks in life get him down, he's a great guy. He has a gorgeous wife, an adorable daughter, and another baby on the way! Keith, thanks for being my cousin and thanks for just being awesome.

Day 11: Stuart Raleigh

This man is special to me because he scared the shitza out of me my freshman year of college. I auditioned for Baldwin-Wallace's College Choir and remember him asking me to sight read a few lines of some random piece of music. I had warned him before hand that I didn't sight read well. Afterword, I remember his reply of "Well, that was interesting" or something along those lines... the point is, he was dry, droll, (sounded semi-english for some odd reason) and old. But let's not forget fabulous. Stuart was one of the best choral director and pianists I've ever had and I don't know if anyone will live up to him. He called anyone on their shitza if they messed up their parts and he usually made it as embarrassing as possible. You would think that no one would want to be in college choir knowing his reputation, but that's the thing, I just kept coming back for more. He was the reason that I auditioned for my second, third and fourth years even though I had transferred out of the conservatory. I loved it and as a result kinda loved Stuart... in an old man kinda way :) His sweaters were also as awesome as he was. Sadly Stuart is no longer teaching at Baldwin-Wallace, but I know where ever he is, he's rocking it out.

Day 12 - Tony

Ok, so Tony is this guy that I see at the gym everyday. He is working just as hard, if not harder than I am to change the way our bodies operate, look and feel. Tony is usually a happy dude and is always ready to talk about anything and everything. The thing about Tony is, he says that I motivate him to get healthier. I've never been the reason that someone has said to themselves, 'Hey, Lindsay is looking good, you should work out too'. It feels so wonderful when he says "You inspired me". When I'm feeling down and unmotivated because I haven't lost any weight that week, seeing Tony reminds me of how far I've come. I may have a long way to go, but Tony is right there, ready to encourage me to keep going. I honor Tony today for being my new found strength and determination to keep fighting this weight loss battle.

Day 13 - Random Girl at the Olive Garden

It was late last year and I was working a section in the bar for lunch. If you aren't aware, the Olive Garden bar area sections can be make or break... usually there is no in between. I had a table of a mother, father and daughter who had just come in from church. They were a little short with me and from that vibe I figured I wouldn't be getting much tip for my services. Despite feeling a little put off, I complimented the girl on her shoes. They were totally adorable and I wanted to know where she had gotten them. She ended up working for the company she bought them from, wrote down the name and information and told me to get them because they rocked. I was feeling a bit better and was resigned to whatever tip the dad decided to leave. When I walked by right before they left, the girl handed my $30 and told me that she wanted me to get the shoes and thank you for the awesome service. I want to honor that girl, who's name I'll never know, for reminding me that not all people are mean or dishonest.

Day 14 - JC Penny Sales Clerk

I was returning an item to JC Penny on a sunny fall afternoon last year. I remember feeling like it was a decent day because the sun was shining and I was wearing a cute skirt and had done my hair curly that day. The girl at the counter said something that made my day, and still makes me feel awesome to this day. She asked me if I was a model. I called my mom immediately and squealed out what had happened. That was a turning point for me in understanding that I was not some ugly fat girl that I still sometimes see in the mirror. Mom's can tell you that you are beautiful til they are blue in the face, but when a complete stranger says something, it's just different. It's not a pity comment or a way to win favor from someone you know... it's unsolicited and honest. I honor her today for helping me start to understand that everyone sees something different... and that day she helped me see that I can be pretty too.

Day 15 - Karen Prelipp

Karen worked for my Dad as the company accountant among other random duties that fell her way. She bakes awesome goodies that never help with diets but are impossible to resist. She deserves honor for helping me through the reorganization of The Scissor Factory and all the months of closing that hadn't been done before I took on the project. She has put up with many late night calls of me crying because I couldn't get the $.73 cents to balance for June two years prior. She is a patient and kind woman who helped me understand my abhorrence for numbers wasn't just a feeling I felt, but that my mom did too ;) Karen was and still is so helpful to me and my family, so I'm honoring her today. Karen, you rock... and so does your white cake filled with strawberries and topped with whipped vanilla frosting :)

Day 16 - David Bechtel

David Bechtel was one of my bestest friends growing up. We used to pass drawings back and forth in between classes, adding things to each other's paper as the day went on. I remember one such page full of this giant house on a hill... random. He was always the better artist and while I changed paths and picked up my music, David continued on with creating beautiful things on canvas and now film. David is just a funny and caring person and has always followed his hopes and dreams. I honor him because he is a successful photographer and is currently in Paris, Rome and other awesome places taking pictures of beautiful people! If you dream it, you can do it!!

Day 17 - Dawn Meyer

I first met Dawn in my second year of JO Volleyball. My first year had been fun but not so successful and I was determined to have a great season with my two friends Laura and Danielle. Dawn was a young and energetic coach and super fun. I remembered meeting her and immediately feeling better about the team. We had so much fun and I learned a lot from her. She went on to become a coach and teacher at Perkins, where I went to school. I think Dawn was one of the reason's that I remember JO as being the best years of my teenage life. She helped make the sport into something I will have passion for til the day that I die. Thanks Dawn, you are a great coach and motivator!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

No excuse for laziness

I have been so remiss in updating both the fitness and the Lent side of this blog... womp.

I also forgot to weigh in this morning as I was rushed to get the wild bush woman hair sorted so people at work didn't stare. I am now presentable, but wishing I knew if I lost any weight last week.

(A little less red than usual after running)

I did accomplish something extraordinary for myself. I ran 3.1 miles last night without stopping once... and I did it in 35:11. Wahoo! I'm paying for it right now though, my knees are killing me and towards the end of the run last night, my hips were protesting as well. BUT this gives me hope for the 5k at the end of April.

I made some mini meatloaves last night after dinner, they looked so good I wish I hadn't eaten earlier. Alas, I'll have to wait til lunch today to enjoy one of those awesome little balls of meat ;) Paired with steamed broccoli of course!

I'm working out with Heather tonight and hope that I'm not as grumpy as I was last week. It's so wrong of me to take my anger and disappointment in myself out of her. I hope she kicks my butt so I can feel that soreness that I love!

I'll be updating later this evening to make up for the days of Lent that I've missed. Stay tuned if that's your thing :)