Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Let's salsa!

Well, it's Wednesday. I'm up again... there are reasons to this, and I hope to get them corrected soon. Let's just say that being a girl really sucks.

I decided to buy two things that have been on my mind recently. Frozen chicken breasts and spaghetti squash. The last spaghetti squash wasn't as tasty as I was aiming for, so Monday night I made it goopy style. Fat free ranch dressing, some 2% shredded cheese, broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. It was num nums. Also, the last squash I got didn't result in nearly the amount of squash I got from this one... and my next one is even bigger! I had enough for lunch twice over after my dinner. Also, I didn't cook it as long, and while it was more difficult to scrap out of the rind, it had a bit more texture, similar to el dente pasta.

Yesterday's lunch was bad... I had a chicken schwarma pita with fries. No need to yell, I already did and then said, wait, why am I yelling? RUN! It's gorgeous outside, 55 and sunny, so after the sun set and it was back to 40 and chilly, I went for a run with the pup.

Then it was dinner time :) Salsa chicken baby! I used my mini crock pot to make a smaller portion of this easy as pie entree. You will need one chicken breast, 1 cup of salsa (level of heat to your taste), 1/2 cup of black beans and 1 cup of corn.

Combine the ingredients in the crock pot starting with the chicken and layering in the rest. Cook on low for 6-8 hours or high 4-6 hours. The chicken will soak up all that juice and just come apart when you mix it a bit. I usually top mine with a bit of cheddar or Mexican blend cheese and serve with a small portion of rice or tortilla chips.

Step 1: Place frozen chicken breast at the bottom of the crock pot.

Step 2: Add 1 cup of salsa (I use mild because I'm a wimp)

Step 3: Add 1/2 cup of black beans

Step 4: Add 1 cup of yellow corn.

Normally I would have a finished product for you, but I was a tad hungry and scarfed it before I could show you... I promise, it looks as good as it tastes :)

On to an activity check in! Had a volleyball game Monday night. We lost to a team with only 5 people. We stupidly let them not take a penalty for missing their sixth person... won't make that mistake again. I'm really banged up from that night, observe:

Scraped up my knuckles:

Dove a few times and landed quite hard on my knee (the good one, soon to be bad) PS - please excuse the extreme whiteness, that can't be helped!

And finally, skidded on my palm hard enough to burst a few vessels, that was fun :/

Moral of the story kids? I'm not as young as I used to be and while it still takes me a bit of effort to bruise, it can happen. Wear pads and don't kill yourself trying. Easy to say, hard to do!

I have a session with Heather tonight, and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna die. My legs are mucho sore from running the past two nights. Last night was awesome though, how often in January do you get to run outside without dying?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I showed you!

Take that weigh in Wednesday! I lost 7 pounds last week. Of course that's a combination of finally not being that time of the month and having everything line up with my diet and exercise plans. BUT it happened! Wahoo!

It's been a while since I've updated mainly for one reason, I can't stand the site of those cupcakes from the previous post. Just writing about them makes me nauseous! Somehow, whether it was the cupcakes of the lean cuisines I had for lunch/dinner, I got food poisoning. I was up all night Wednesday night in the bathroom puking and having other tummy related issues. It was not fun and now my life will forever (the immediate future) be devoid of cupcakes or cake in general, cool whip, and sprite. Ugh.

On to this week :) It's CYP's Date 2 Remember Charity Fashion Show/Date Auction and I'm one of the date participants. My package includes the sports tickets to the Cavs, Bengals, Clippers, Crew, Blue Jackets and the new pro lacrosse team, as well as a gift card for the arena district. It's an awesome package that my friend Kelly and I will represent walking down the runway in some spring fashions. I'm quite nervous as I'm clumsy and tend to trip/fall down. I tested the fates by playing volleyball on Monday. It was my first indoor game since I injured my knee back in 2008? Or was it 2009? I keep losing track of my years, blah.

Let me tell you... it felt wonderful! I was just telling my mom, skinny volleyball playing is SO much more fun than fat volleyball playing :) It was an awesome game, we killed them in 2 and I didn't even feel a twinge in my knee! I did however, managed to over stretch both sides of my groin, so I'm a bit sore today. Just in time for another kick ass training session with Heather tonight.

Back to CYP, the event is Saturday and I'm getting my first official spray tan (free, only way I'd consent to getting one). I'm not sure how to feel because as much as I curse my whiteness, I know it works for me. I'm pretty sure orange is one of the few colors, along with yellow, that doesn't look good, so I'm hoping that's not the color of my skin afterword. My appointment is over lunch Friday, I'll be sure to share befores and afters... We get our hair and makeup done by Charles Penzone's and then I play on hitting up downtown that night to enjoy my fake hotness ;) I'm sure there will be a boatload of photos come Sunday afternoon, so have a good week until then! Make smart choices :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Night of BubbleCakes

How can your night suck after eating this?

It can't.

I mean, that cupcake right there only has 84 calories. So I ate two of them :)

Not convinced? Let's look at it from another angle...

Obviously my love of cheesy pasta is closely followed by cake. We must have discussed this before. CAKE! Definitely can't live without it, wouldn't want to. Hence my very serious life's mission to find a low calorie substitution. I think I can rest easy after tonight.

If you would like to give this a try you will need 12 ounces of diet soda, I used Sprite Zero. You will also need a box of Pillsbury Sugar Free Yellow Cake Mix. The frosting is just a 8 ounce tub of Fat Free Cool Whip. I pour the soda in the bowl and add the cake mix after, keeps the soda from fizzing too much. Mix until smooth and fill cups halfway. Bake according to the box directions and let cool completely. Once cool, fill a large ziplock with thawed Cool Whip, cut off the top of the bag to desired width and swirl on top of the cup cake... then shove it in your mouth and enjoy.

Please note if you are a chocolate cake person they have a Sugar Free Chocolate Cake Mix that you can combine with Diet Coke.

That's all I have for tonight. I hit the gym... drooling the entire time, knowing that I would get to eat a cupcake. 30 quick minutes on the elliptical followed by a scrumptious Mushroom Tortellini Lean Cuisine. Soreness is about to set in from yesterday's work out, love it! I'm already looking forward to next week's torture session ;)

ADD & Weigh in Wednesday

Welp, the number hasn't changed... again. I know, I know, scales are the devil, but that wasn't the case last year! The scale and I were usually pretty good friends, she really didn't lie to me very often. I'd usually let her know if I was having a bad day and she wouldn't soften the truth, she just lay it out there. I feel like she's purposefully being mean. I don't need mean people in my life, I've kicked plenty out in the past, so she should know she's on the chopping block!

Ok, enough talking about my scale like she's a person and has a hidden agenda. That makes me feel crazy, and we all know I'm not ;)

Despite the non-exciting news of not losing any weight, the positive spin is, I didn't gain any! I'm also deliciously tired all over. I love feeling like my legs might give out at any moment, because one it means I'm alive, and two it means that I worked harder than I did the day before.

Heather and I were discussing the fact that it's going to be super hard for me to meet my 30 pound goal. Last time it was so doable because I had that much to lose. As I get closer and closer to my ideal weight, it'll become harder and longer between dropping a pound. Everyone plateaus but it definitely starts to slow and when you're on a deadline, that's almost torture to go through. So again, I have to work harder and longer than I did previously.

I was so out of it this morning when I got up. I was trying to let the dog out to go to the bathroom. I had pulled the cross bar up and was trying to slide open the backdoor but it just wouldn't open. With yesterday's weather going from mid 50's and rain to the low 20's and snow, I thought the door had frozen shut. So I started body slamming it in my semi sleepy condition. Meanwhile, Colbie is bouncing up and down, doing the potty dance. After a few body slams and unsuccessful attempts at getting the door open I look at the handle lock and realize that it's still locked...

Yeah, I was that tired. Also, at work I misplaced my coffee mug and blamed everyone for taking it. I told Katy that I needed pills for my headache and cramps. Ten minutes later I had to ask her what I was looking for in my purse because I forgot I was looking for the pills. I'm a hot mess today. Really though, I'm looking good, but I'm a mess. I'm also wearing green footy socks with my mary jane heels, maybe I'm not so hot.

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Monday after...

A weekend full of work, frustration and lots of food.

The good thing is, I worked for 5 straight hours both days without slowing down so I could log that as "exercise". I ate cole slaw, sushi (yes sushi... I like crunchy rolls now, go figure), veggie straws (the organic brand sucks, definitely not as good as my normal brand, cake, ice cream (both small quantities), one chicken finger, a peach mango smoothy (sooo good), and corn bread.

Yummy Kroger Shrimp & Crab Crunchy Role!

Let's talk Hoggy's for a minute. I know you all know I loved that place, and yes, I use past tense. Hoggy's is dead to me. Not only because they've closed down all but one of their locations, but because the one they left running is the worst one! My father, sister and I wanted some BBQ and because we kinda loved Hoggy's we logically set out to indulge in some pulled pork, baked potatoes and mac and cheese.

We were greeted nicely at the door and sat by the server who would be taking care of us. His name was Bill. While Bill was seemingly pleasant, I had to admit his service definitely was not top notch. I'm allowed to comment on his service because I'm a server. I'm allowed to judge, because no matter the restaurant that you work at, you should provide excellent service. I always do unless the table has started treating me like crap, at which point I just stop pushing my extra happy self and instead just give them happy.

Bill got our drink order out to us and then we proceeded to order, the conversation went as follows:

Dad - "I'd like the pulled pork wrap with fries."
Bill - "Well... we ran out of fries, (pause) and baked potatoes."
Dad - insert slight grunt noise here.
Me - " Well that sucks cause all I wanted for dinner was a baked potato."
Bill - "Yeah... what other side would you like?"

Needless to say, I was not happy. I just wanted to get a baked potato with butter, bbq pulled pork and some cheese. They don't really have anything else besides the mac and cheese that is worthy of eating. So instead I ordered chicken fingers and mac and cheese :) You'd think that would be easy enough right? Nope... they fried my fingers to a crisp. Bill brought out my sister and dad's entrees explaining that mine were over done and he was having them remade. 20 minutes later I finally got my fingers but my mac and cheese was cold, so were my dad's sweet potatoes. Bill kinda sucked at refilling our drinks, but that was because he had some important texting to get in while on the clock. Hey Bill? Next time I would suggest hiding somewhere a little better before you spend 5 minutes straight texting.

The meal essentially sucked. Again, Hoggy's is dead to me... City BBQ here I come.

On a side note, I bought yet another DVD player when mine went on strike... as soon as I got it, the old one started working again. Soo I need to return it to the store, again! My dad was able to reattach my cupboard door that randomly fell off, and my sister was able to put my keyboard stand together.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Squash & Snow

First off, my friend Sam told me that Jym Ganahl is having some issues with his live weather tweets... he told us no snow in the forecast for at least 6 hours... less than two hours after he published that we had an inch... Jym boy, let's work on those cloud reading skills shall we? Sooo, the first real snow of the season is on the ground and the wind is blowing my friends. But let's take a journey into the warm kitchen where I will be teaching you about Spaghetti Squash.

I've heard of this mystical veggie before in passing but recently an old high school friend has been sharing her love of it on facebook. Obviously since it's on facebook it has to be worthy of a taste test! It is a veggie that, when cooked, comes apart in long strands. Both the texture and color resemble spaghetti noodles. It took me visiting two Kroger's before I was able to actually buy the squash, but I stuck to my guns and found it.

It's pretty boring looking if you ask me. I was also worried about the dents and bruises indicating that there would be badness on the inside but no worries, it was just fine. Google and I decided the best and easiest way to cook the squash is to cut it into halves length wise, so the "noodles" are as long as possible. Once you've got it open, you need to scrape out the seeds and guts just like you would a pumpkin. You should end up with something like this...

Place the halves, rind up, on a greased cookie sheet and cook at 350 degrees for 30 minutes... voila!

Now you can just take a fork and start combing the squash from the rind. It comes off super easy and in fact, looks exactly like spaghetti!

I just sauteed some peppers and onions, added some light Prego sauce (totally disgusting and water and not worth the 60 calories) and topped with 2% mozzarella cheese.

Over all, I would say it was a 5 out of 10. I really think if I added steamed broccoli, cauliflower and carrots, fat free ranch and chicken that this could have potential as a pasta craving substitute... or maybe the basil pesto with spinach, tomatoes and feta. I guess it wasn't horrible if I'm already thinking about experimenting again :)

Also, for your information... I went to the gym and did both cardio and weights tonight. I also decided that as much as I like paying off my CCs, I like losing weight more. I will be texting my trainer tomorrow so I can start up sessions next week.


Yesterday was a bust. I appreciate all the support and words of encouragement and advice :) It made me feel better and ready to take the bull by the horns... after I ate ice cream.

I did, I ate one of those horribly small looking pints of ice cream(that they somehow pack 4 servings into), I even put some chocolate sauce on it. I do blame the social that I was at earlier in the evening. I ate my lean cuisine before heading out to the event,I had one glass of red wine, steered clear of the goopy yumminess of the spinach artichoke dip and fried pita chips. I declined a free drink. I mean, I was on a role! I mean really, who turns down a free drink!?

And then the bar started getting packed. It was worse than a game of sardines. I love being around people, I'm a gorgeous social butterfly, but last night was pure cray cray. I was overwhelmed and needed to decompress... with ice cream. I was at the gas station emptying my wallet by filling the gas tank when the freezer section started singing a siren's song. And let me tell you, Snicker's ice cream is really not that great. It lacked the full snickers experience, hence having to add the chocolate sauce.

I should have stopped at the half cup serving size, but I kept on going. I deserved it after a random russian man walked away from our conversation quite abruptly... and then a nice, shorter than I'm attracted to, guy chatted me up for over a half hour and then asked for my number. I don't know how to say no very well, so I gave it to him. Womp womp. He said he'd call me, I said I had to go sell tickets and we parted ways. He resembled a boomerang because at the end of the social he found his way back to my side and stood there, silently... slightly awkward in my opinion. Then he hugged me again, forgot to mention that first hug, sorry.

Can I say I earned my ice cream? I feel like I did. I wish making polite conversation burned calories, because that was quite the workout.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Weigh In Disaster

Well, today is gonna be fun. I just had a morning that every person who is trying to lose weight dreads. Let's set the stage for the morning starting with setting an alarm to actually weigh in. In previous weeks, I've forgotten that Wednesday was weigh in day. In an effort to remember, and because I was super excited about weighing in, I made a reoccurring calendar reminder for Wednesday mornings at 7:10.

I should have known that the alarm not going off was the first sign to how horribly it was going to go. I stepped on the scale and saw... that nothing had changed. Now, before you say, 'Lindsay, that's not bad. You didn't gain any weight!' Let me tell you that I secretly checked myself on Saturday before heading to work and the scale said the same damn thing. Not one change the entire week. This leads me to believe that the scale is broke!

The only good news out of this is that I was forced to open the new one I got for Christmas. It's all high tech and checked your body fat percentage with water weight, blah blah. I hadn't opened it yet because to get the battery to work you needed to unscrew the lid and pull off this plastic tab. I'd tried pulling it without unscrewing it and also unscrewing it. Both attempts failed as I didn't have a screw driver small enough. Since I was freaking out about the old scale I went apeshit on that little tab. I stood on the scale and pulled til my fingers were bright red, but I got it.

Boy do I wish I hadn't.

It told me I was at 205. 205! WTF!?! Not only did I not lose weight, I gained three more pounds??? This can not be happening. Seriously? I'm still in shock, but I'm pretty sure I want to cry, but I can't because my make up looks really good today (at least I think so).

I don't understand how this happened. Not only have I logged my food and only ate enough so that I would lose 2 pounds per week according to LiveStrong MyPlate, but I've worked out every day and burned an additional 400-600 calories a day! I should have lost at least three pounds!

I'm so disheartened. I don't think I've ever wanted to admit wanting to give up, but I feel like crawling into a hole and sleeping forever. Sorry for the downer, but what a crappy Wednesday :(

Monday, January 9, 2012

Fire Up!

Well, it's January 10th and it's going to be 49 degrees out. JANUARY and 50 degrees! I feel like mother nature is going to be sending us a doozy... while we're sleeping and totally unprepared. It's gonna suck. OR as Katy and I were discussing at lunch today, it's going to be a dismal spring full of rain, rain, rain, rain and the tiniest bit of thunder.

Since yesterday was so warm, I had convinced myself that running outside was an option. It wasn't, by the time the sun had set, the tiniest breeze was just too much for me to handle. I hit up that gym with my running shoes, and run I did... on and off :) I tried to go five minutes running and one walking. I finished with 15 minutes on the elliptical and some weight work and core exercises.

I have to be completely honest, the entire time I was working out, I was planning out dinner in my head. Since it was "so warm" I grilled out :) Turkey burger baby! Pair that with steamed broccoli, reduced fat basil petso pasta with reduced fat feta crumbles.

It was delicious and just the change I needed from my Lean Cuisines.

I made a great meal a few days ago and completely forgot to share it with you. I needed to use up some cherry tomatoes and fresh spinach. So I paired that with angel hair, Kraft light balsamic vinaigrette dressing and a little reduced fat feta crumbles.

And finally, I tried out a recipe I came across on my newest obsession, Pinterest. I made a altered version of Strawberry Cream Cheese Croissants. I used fat free cream cheese, sugar free strawberry jam, reduced fat Pillsbury crescent rolls, vanilla extract and a little powdered sugar. For 110 calories, it's a delicious way to enjoy a fruity dessert!

Friday, January 6, 2012

A Study of Snacks

Please say hi to Ber, Fred and Katy, my three co-workers who so graciously posed with their snack of the day. Ber had a 100 calorie Bob Evan's Breakfast Sandwich, Katy was enjoying her seasonal clementine, and Fred so charmingly showed off his oatmeal. Let's check in with them to see what they had to say about their snacks.

Fred wasn't available for comment, but if he was, I'm pretty sure he would say that his oatmeal was boring, just like him.

"I hadn't had a clementine for years and then I saw those "Cuties" commercials http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sY8i5ulFz7I&feature=related so I bought a box of them. When I first had one, I ate it as I ate all citrus fruit, peeling off every last piece of white stuff until only the fruit was left; about a 20 minute snack. Now, a whole 1/2 of the box later, I can eat them like a normal person AND they are delicious!"

Wow Katy, that's amazing. I'm so glad that you are able to enjoy the fruit of babes. I'm also so very thankful that you are magician and able to conjure the related video for us to enjoy.

I spoke with Ber in regards to her snack and she felt underwhelmed with it's rubbery texture and bland taste. She regrets her purchase and recommends to everyone "Stay away from Bob Evan's 100 Calorie Snacks... they suck!"


On a side note... I'm feeling fat today. My clothes are not sitting right, I just feel ugly. I felt so cute in this skirt four months ago. Amazing what 6 pounds will do to you. I'm hoping that my financial situation improves a bit so I can start working out with my trainer again. If she'll have me that is!

I have done everything right since Monday of last week. I've worked out every day, I've ate waaaaay less than my allotted calorie amount and I've chugged more than the required amount of water. I need to have a good weigh in this week so I know that I can still do this!! My positivity can only last so long!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Portion Control is KEY!

I really enjoy veggie straws. They're salty, crunchy, delicious, and keep me from going on a spree of indulgence with other bad things... like Cool Ranch Doritos or those awesome chips from Panera that go so perfectly in their Broccoli Cheddar Soup.

One of my fellow coworkers has been munching on veggie chips, which is the Aldi version of Veggie Straws. Aldi is my BFF. We're sweet on each other. Aldi is so very kind to my "pocket book". I will sing Aldi's praises for years to come. I think the only downfall Aldi's has is not selling Lean Cuisine, Diet Coke or Fat Free Ranch Dressing. It's alright though, nothing is perfect, God didn't make us or things that way. Except for Chris Pine... and maybe Orlando Bloom. Scratch that, he's married, let's add Vinny D/The Rock :) Cover a wide range of men.

Back to the veggie chips. I had to get some. Every time she opened her bag and crunched on another chip, my mouth watered. I get distracted quite easily by the thought of those tasty little buggers, and it was effecting my work. (Affect or Effect? I can never remember! Damn you 8th grade english class! If you hadn't been so boring then I would know the answer to this question!) I also had to get something chocolate oriented because I've been stealing her peppermint bark dove dark chocolate after lunch for the past three days. So a box of 100 calorie snack packs and a bag of rice cakes are now sitting next to my chips. You might think this is the end of this mundane and completely irrelevant post, but it isn't.


Portion Control baby. I'm not gonna lie, once the bag is open and in front of me, I can be a machine. I get that from my dad. So the solution to that is making sure each and every little treat I eat is portioned out to stop the over eating.

I hit the gym for the third day in a row and got in my cardio and some weights. I was so hungry that I immediately boiled some noodles, steamed some broccoli, sauteed some chicken and combined that all with some spinach and fat free ranch dressing. I would have taken a picture but it was gone before I could sit down... I'm sorry!!

I'll leave you with one last image. One that my words can't describe but that you need to see for yourself.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

90 days and crampy feet!

As the title states, 90 days left in the challenge... 3 months or 12 weeks. If I were to only lose 2 pounds a week then I'd be 12 pounds short of my goal.

People... this is going to be harder than I thought.

I can't skip one day or make one bad choice.


In other, less depressing news: I got 24 Lean Cuisines at Meijer for $40. Before you reel back in disgust, let me explain to you that not all of them taste horrible! I really love their pizza, it hits my pizza craving... which is a HUGE craving. I also got some paninis, butternut squash ravioli, mushroom ravioli, cheese ravioli, chicken carbonara, chicken fried rice.

Also, I keep getting cramps in both feet... I'm drinking plenty of water but don't have any bananas in the house. Does anyone have any suggestions on non crampy foot food?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dr. Oz says...

I'm addicted to lip balm.

Apparently, lip balm is BAD.

How do you know that you are addicted you might ask. Well, Dr. Oz told my mom to ask me three questions:

1. Do you apply lip balm more than twice a day?
To which I say, 10 and 2 both start with T's, I don't see the big difference?
2. Do you have multiple tubes of balm hidden in your purse, nightstand, drawers and car?
Again I say, why not be prepared for anything? Who knows if I'll pass someone in the office who lost their own lip balm, I could then donate to their cause! Or, what if your sister is a ganker, and ganks my balm? It's a good thing to have back ups handy!
3. After you kiss a guy, is your first thought, "need to reapply that lip balm"?

After this question and answer portion of the show, my Mom hit pause, turned in her chair, and stared at me. I, of course, stared right back. He's wrong, I totally am not addicted to lip balm... just Carmex. Ok, so I'm addicted BUT it's because my lips dry out really fast. Apparently lip balm blocks our dead lip cells from flaking off and allowing the new cells to emerge. The dead cells build up and then the new stuff dies even faster... endless cycle of death and pain. Sound familiar?

Soo now I'm trying to kick a habit that I consider even more difficult than losing weight... not using lip balm.

On a more Fit Goal note, yesterday's adherence to the diet was good. I enjoyed my season fruit choice of clementines. A cutie, because I'm a kid and cuties are for kids... fool proof and easy to peel. We all know I'm a klutz, so the ease in which these peel ensures that I don't cut my fingers off or poke an eye out. PS - Have you ever tried to brush your teeth with your eyes closed while wearing 4 inch stilettos? It's hard... I almost fell over trying to walk out of the bathroom.

Went to the gym, did 30 minutes on the elliptical, 30 on the treadmill and was totally struggling. Amazing what two months of non activity will do to you! Overall, great start to day 1!


Let's move on to this morning... it's weigh in Wednesday, and I can't pretend I didn't see this coming. I am going to own up to my horrible truths. I gained 6 pounds in the past two months. I ate like a pig, didn't work out and stopped drinking water. All my good choices were thrown out the window and I suffered for it. The good news is, this morning I wasn't depressed or mopey. I just thought, "Self, you really screwed up this time. The good news is, you're motivated by money, so go win this competition so we can pay off some credit cards!" Sooo my dear and few readers, I have 36 pounds to lose now :) I'm so up for the challenge and I'd like you to hold me accountable!


93 Days!

Anyone still with me? I wouldn't be if I was attempting to follow a blog that went dark for over two months.


It's ok, I'll win you back with the same boring workout and recipe updates that I did last time ;) Maybe I'll even sprinkle in a few disaster stories relating to my single life and living with that destructive beast otherwise known as Colbie Jack.

Let's start this year off right with an inspirational photo, brought to you by one of my ICC VPs, Scot Burdette and his trip to Florida over the holidays.


Again with the crickets! Geez! Do I need to spell everything out? How do you not get that the coffee mug is inspiration?!? Peace Love and Happiness! I know that instantly makes you think of flowers, bell bottoms and afros. Who wouldn't be inspired by mile high hair? I kid, I kid. At this point my mom and sister would say "NOT FUNNY" in our weird Ramhoff women kind of way (I will demonstrate that in my next video.)

Anywho, the inspiration is in the shells my friends. Those shells represent bikinis, and my goal to wear one this summer. I won't be one of those fool women who buy the bikini and hang it from my wall, taunting me every time I walk by. I also will not sacrifice a meal for one small, runny yogurt. Take that Yoplait!

Instead, join me on my journey, part II, in attaining my healthy goal weight via ICC Biggest Loser. I skimped on taking advantage of my two month head start and am now playing catch up. I have 93 days to loss 30 pounds/5% body fat to hit my goal and hopefully win the challenge.