Friday, July 29, 2011

Christmas in July!

I let the week get away with me, obviously, it's Friday. I did however, weigh in on Wednesday... baby steps my friends, little teeny tiny baby steps. I also only took a teeny step forward in my weight loss, one pound. Which I'm down with considering I went to Put in Bay this past weekend for Christmas in July and drank more in that night than I have in the past 6 months combined. Please enjoy the few pictures I can post here without offending anymore ;) Don't ask about the helmet man, I don't know why I wanted to pose for a picture with him...

It sure was fun, I can tell you that. It was hot as hades and I was definitely sweaty. I danced up a storm and my legs were killing me for two days straight. Working out with Heather has never made my calves as sore as they were after an hour of "getting low". What does that tell you??

This week is back to semi hardcore strictness as I would like to lose 3 pounds to make up for the missing 1 this week. Unfortunately I've had two beers on a blind date, a happy hour for work and might, MIGHT, make a cheesecake in honor of national cheesecake day tomorrow... it IS a holiday after all ;)

I wish I had wisdom to impart on you, but alas, my wallet has restricted my adventurous cooking side to leftover bread, whole grain pasta and frozen veggies. Til Wednesday my friends, have a wonderful weekend and treat yourself to a bite of cheesecake after you get off the treadmill :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Never thought I'd see the day...

Yes, my friends, I did it. One major goal has been accomplished yet again, I have officially made it under 200 pounds and am now at 198. I never weighed myself through out highschool or college on a consistent basis, in highschool I didn't need to. I was involved as captain of the auxilaries team(aka flags) in marching band, volleyball, softball, the musical and plenty of other groups that kept me running from here to there. I never once thought that I was overweight or unhealthy during those four years. I find it disturbing and odd that I now fit into the same size I was as a senior in highschool; looking back, how did I let it get to what I was seven months ago? How did I go throughout college getting bigger and bigger and still feel successful, positive and pretty.

It's all due, in thanks, to my family. My parents and sister have always been my biggest cheerleaders, and those years weren't focused on image as much as survival. They supported me in any and every way I needed. College was tumulous at best those first couple years. My life as I knew it came to a screeching halt as I changed direction in my studies from my passion of music to boring business. I think I over compensated for my lack of faith in my decision with lounging around and shoving food down my throat. What else is there to do during school than meet up with friends to eat while studying, drink while eating, drinking and chipotle? It doesn't help that the only food most college kids can afford is the worst for you things... Totino's Dollar Pizza, McDo's Double Cheeseburger, Easy Mac and Ramen Noodles.

I'm proud to say I have not had a single one of those food items in the past seven months, and thankfully I wouldn't eat them even if I had the choice just because I love making my own meals from fresh produce.

Back to the distorted image issue: I've always told my close friends and mom that I felt super attractive when I left the house in the morning. I was confident, upbeat and felt like a super model in my cute dress and wedge heels... but then someone snaped a picture, I saw it on their camera and immediately asked them to delete it. I looked horrible! At least I felt I did, and it would take a picture to show how other's saw me. You can tell me you think I'm beautiful til you're blue in the face but pictures don't lie and mine were screaming at me. After nights like that I would go home and wallow in self pity, drink a bottle of wine, eat some pizza rolls and recycle through the process the next day. Totally condusive to helping my problem right? It's so easy to see how people get down and out and suddenly pack on the pounds, especially for active folk who suddenly aren't living that lifestyle anymore. You have to relearn how to eat, or dedicate staying at that activity level. It's tough.

I've tried a few times, once Sophmore year in college and once down here in Cbus after school, to go on diets and worked out with a trainer. Both times I thought I was in it for the long haul and I definately wasn't. Gained it all back and more. My mom told me that I had to be in the zone and unfortunately I couldn't find it.

I have now, and I'm very proud of my accomplishments so far and can't wait to see how far I can go with it. Here is a slideshow of pictures from highschool to now so you can travel down memory lane with me :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's that time again...

Weigh in Wednesday... sometimes the bane of my week and sometimes the highlight. This week it's more of a middle ground. I lost last week's one pound gain and another pound with it... so I'm within two of being under 200. Next week is the week!!!!!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend, I did, and I was semi bad. I think Micha is on to something; pizza is a mysteriously calorie free entree ;) Really it's not, but I did indulge in some of the best pizza Sandusky has to offer, Jim's Pizza Box. Gosh I could eat that every day... and according to Micha's diet, I can. Again, I kid. In compensation for my mouth watering meal, I was sure to walk every day with my Mom, Dad and Colbie and then Sunday when I got back to Columbus I hit up the gym hardcore.

Saturday was my best friend's wedding shower. It was at her house and beautifully set up, but mother nature was BRUTAL! I was soaked in sweat by the time my mum and I left. I also ate THE BEST piece of cake I've had in a very, very long time. I wish I had taken a picture of this yumminess for everyone to enjoy as well, alas, I scarfed it so fast they almost served me another piece thinking I hadn't gotten one yet. Just imagine moist white cake with a middle layer of lightly whipped cream, another layer of white cake followed by a cool whip like topping and strawberries. I've had this style of cake before but never this heavenly. Wow, I want another piece right now... Laura, is there any left?? ;)

Other than the pizza and cake, I did very well in keeping to my calorie amount and getting at least an hour of exercise in per day. Softball and volleyball are coming to a close, and while I want to continue, it was just so crazy busy that I feel like I need to slow down. I might join one volleyball team for the second part of summer, but that's it.

I know I mentioned mini vanilla wafers, my new favorite sweet snack... try them, I wouldn't lead you astray!

Sarah and I visited one of my favorite local dives for dinner the other night and I, of course, indulged. Their fries are some of the best fries I've ever had BUT I did do the smart thing and order the half size instead of full. Sarah on the other hand, ordered this...

I would ask her to share with us what these neon bite size horrors are but alas, Blogspot is still an asshat and hasn't fixed their comment issues.

I'm hoping to paint my room, play volleyball and get in a run tonight after work... maybe I'll even get some weight training in! Heather better pop that Stella out quick, I'm losing my ability to remember our sessions!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Today is definitely the worst day I've had in a while. It's more of a mood thing than actually having horrible things happen. First, I have lost my phone for the umpteenth time this month and second, I forgot yesterday was Wednesday, so my weigh in was rescheduled for this morning.

I gained a pound. I'm not happy. I'm actually very upset. Not only did I not hit my goal, I went in the opposite direction. On top of that, I read about the awesomeness of my friend being able to eat pizza everyday and lose a pound, while I thought I didn't do too horribly over the weekend and boom, I'm back up. It makes me angry that my body sucks this week. It probably doesn't help that I haven't worked out with Heather in over two weeks due to her not feeling well... that kid needs to pop out soon so I can get my regularly scheduled training sessions back up to once or twice a week.

I really did not want to update my blog this week because I usually have positive posts and good news to share. That's not fair because weight loss is not the same for everyone, we all have our ups and downs and I shouldn't make my journey out to be a piece of cake... even though I could really go for a whole pan right now. I'm not craving cake or sweets due to my feelings, I just really like cake, so back off.

I've been at this stage before, but it didn't seem so depressing last time, maybe I'll need to revisit the D.C. post to see what was going on in my head after that trip. What I really need to do this week is focus on losing four pounds this week. I was able to lose 5 the week before by working out and eating correctly. I can do it again but I do have some physical restraints right now that will make it more difficult.

I have to take it easy on my running/intense cardio as my knee has really been bothering me since Tuesday morning. I over extended it or tried to pop it wrong and the 10 seconds of gross grinding noises and almost pain has resulted in an achy, stiff knee. My left quad is on strike as well, somehow I have been getting huge cramps (like the one on the boat) that really feel like I've pulled something. It happened again at softball when I went to run to first... now I'm dealing with soreness there too. I'm sick of getting older, where is Neverland?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July - aka - Diet Disaster

We all hit roadblocks and challenges in trying to reach the goals we set for ourselves. It's human nature to rise and fall and rise again along the way. I've definitely accepted the fact that I am not perfect, nor am I strong enough to look the other way when my nose smells the delicious scent of fresh double chocolate brownies warm from the oven or when my ears hear the brats sizzling on the grill.

I'm upset by my inability to see the goal of the week, which was to get below 200. This past weekend was a definite flop in restraint. I had, in limited quantities but multiple times a day, Italian pasta salad (tons of veggies and fat free Italian dressing), brownies, baked beans, potato salad, ice cream, brats, turkey burgers, veggies and hummus, salad, wine, strawberry daiquiris... do you get the picture?

The brownie demons were working over time this weekend, I must has snuck at least three extra bites in before leaving for Columbus yesterday... my mom caught me mid shove and I'm pretty sure I resembled this chipmunk

I was only able to squeeze in one run this weekend, followed by a walk with my Dad. That was a nice change, as walking with someone is so much more fun when you have someone to talk to, even though it might slow you down a bit. :) He was tired by the end, so my new goal is to get him further each time... are you ready Daddy? Cause I'll be home again this weekend :)

Sailing was abundant this weekend, along with a jaunt to Kelly's with my cousins on his boat. It was great to spend time with everyone, especially out on the water, I now have more color than I've had in years :) I'm a few shades darker than Casper and that's quite the accomplishment.

I'm also Colbie-less this week, so I'll be taking advantage by squeezing in all the extra activities that I usually wouldn't be able to attend due to being away for too long. I have softball tonight followed by a rousing evening of corn hole and avoidance of beer, a wine tasting later this week and finally home for my best friend's bridal shower!!

The goal of the week is to try to offset my weekend weakness and loss the 3 pounds I need to... 199 baby, 199!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS - I'm really frustrated with not being able to post comments on my friend's blog. BLOGSPOT moderators, if you are reading this (which I know you aren't), get your shitza together and fix the comment section!