Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Running away from running towards something even scarier... a trainer!

So a lot has happened since you were last subjected to my ramblings. Welcome back, your day will be complete after you read this post.

As you know, I picked back up where I left off before the holidays and got an "aftershock" of a calf cramp. I went back for some more the next day and instead did some free weights which inspired me to call a trainer. I've worked with Heather once before with a friend and really enjoyed her style. Shes upbeat but still won't let me get away with any negativity.

Our first workout together was Friday the 7th, and I asked her to take it easy on my arms because of my weekend OG shifts. Instead we focused on legs and my lovely budankadank. We spent a half hour together, more than enough time for me to gain soreness in my entire lower body for the entire weekend. It was a good sore, don't get me wrong, I love that feeling... but it didn't bode well for my OG customers who wanted a super speedy server.

I attempted the workout on my own on Monday and succeeded in doing something to my bum knee. Some kind of crunching noises were heard as well as that gut feeling that I now had a new boo boo. I iced immediately and have been icing ever since, but we're a tid bit swollen and not very bendy at the moment.

Heather and I will push through this set back and do some core and arm training this evening. I have major goals in mind and I have been rewarded for my hard work by losing 3 lbs in a week! I've accomplished this by going to the gym everyday and doing at least a little something on top of tracking my food and calorie intake. I've also majorly changed my water drinking habits and went from absolutely zero water in one day to 87-120 ounces average a day!!! I should say I have the cutest water bottle to drink from ;)


  1. Love the waterbottle! So cute! I have to say, I love working with my trainer, Janel. When you have a great trainer who will push you, you can accomplish so much! Congrats on the 3 pound loss! That is amazing!

  2. Go Linds! The post-workout soreness is a sign that you're working hard - it will diminish as your conditioning improves. There are also things you can do afterward to decrease the muscle soreness - eating a healthy snack, drinking water, stretching. keep it up :)