Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back to the grind!

Today was fun.... not. Yet I'm oddly happy and very motivated, let's see how long this will last.

Let's start with breakfast... Cinnamon Life cereal with skim milk, score, go me. By 10 I am starving and ready for my mid morning snack... only I can't have my snack because I have my bodpod appointment. The bodpod tells you how fat you really are... and I'm pretty fat. After I talked about my fatness and my soon to be skinny self, I got a McDonald's salad. I usually hear McDonald's and think, woah, calorie central! But no, wait, they make a pretty low calorie salad as long as you do a bit of tweaking. If you're in a pinch and can only see golden arches from where you are stadning, don't be afraid, I will share my secret meal with you.

Bacon Ranch Salad with Grilled Chicken. Ask for no bacon, and substitute the low fat balsamic vinaigrette instead of ranch. 260 Calories!! woot woot!

I concluded the afternoon with some dried fruit and a 100 calorie snack pack, 120 ounces of water and 12 restroom visits.

Dinner was bruschetta from Bar Louie due to a work dinner meeting. I came home and jumped right on that treadmill! That's right people, I'm back into the running game. I will say that the lady who did my bodpod exam said running was "bad for someone my size" but I don't plan on listening to her because it's a goal to get this 5k thing done by the summer.

I did get a cramp in my calf again, not as bad as last time so I stopped running and finished with a walk and some weight training. I know the burning question on your mind is, 'Lindsay, what did you ever think to have for your evening snack?' I won't keep you in the dark any longer... a fruit smoothie. Happy?

Get ready, we have a goal in mind but if I told you that goal you would say I'm crazy... instead I'll keep it to myself and tell you at a later date. Welcome back everyone! Goodnight!

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