Thursday, August 8, 2013

TBT the college years

I really dig the TBT idea and am saddened by the fact that all of my awesome younger years photos happen to reside at my parents house. I'll have to settle for the oldest photos I have. This means going to my time line, clicking on "born", and scrolling til 2003, when I apparently came into the only world that truly matters, Facebook.

The College Years
Sarah and I first met at college orientation. We were put into the same vocal studio under the tutelage of Dr. Fralick (affectionately dubbed Fray Fray). We bonded instantly when I found out she was moving to BW all the way from Texas. If you are unaware, I was born in Texas, so that automatically made us BFFS. Please note her sensual pose while I attempt to keep a cowboy hat perched on my abnormally large head. We were, and are, awesome.
As you've already deduced from my previous statement that Sarah and I met because of our shared major in Vocal Performance, you'll know that we were most certainly involved with the annual operas and musicals. In this particular photo we were part of a most energetic and awesome chorus for The Marriage of Figaro. I wish I had more pictures, because we had so many good memories. We wore butt bumpers, and giant skirts, and pranced around on stage singing our little hearts out. Most fun I had in college, hands down.
I tried making brownies last night. It was an epic fail and the only conclusion I can come to is that God was trying to keep me from being tempted. So, despite their not so beautiful appearance, I brought in a Tupperware of the goop I managed to create and still gave it out to my fellow coworkers. Aren't I nice??
I did however, make a delicious dinner of parmesan crusted chicken tenders with sauteed zucchini and onions.

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