Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday

Since starting my Keto diet, I've been weighing myself everyday. I used to think that once a week was plenty and I know (I KNOW) that numbers aren't really want matter. BUT, they do motivate, so you're going to have to deal with it.

Yesterday morning I weighed in and was one lb. away from 10 lbs down since began Keto three weeks ago. I had hoped this morning that I could get to 10, thus rounding out my numbers. Well... I lost four! I'm sure that's due to other contributing factors I'll leave unsaid (if you really want to know send me a message lol) but I'm very, very excited about my progress. Three more pounds and I'm under the big 200 mark. I don't know if that is the first time I've actually stated my weight on this blog. But whatever, it's the truth.

I've been very lax in keeping up with writing the past week, so sorry! I was sick, my boss was out of town, and life was just busy. Getting back on track this week and ramping up on including more strenuous exercise.

I've been incorporating more carbs in the form of grains. I've felt challenged at this point by the monotony of eating chicken, eggs, cheese, eggs, chicken, broccoli, turkey, chicken, steak, cheese and eggs. My mom had these tortillas in the fridge and they're only 60 calories and 4 net carbs. She got them at Kroger, so get out there and give them a whirl.

I've had these with chicken salad (shown below), tuna salad, fajitas, and I think I'm gonna make a breakfast egg tortilla wrap tomorrow morning.

I've been guarding my Quest Protein Bars so that I don't devour them too quickly, so I have been on the hunt for ice cream that is low carb and doesn't taste awful. Apparently there is one called Carb Solutions (don't get the low carb option from Beyers as it using high fructose corn syrup!)... and is apparently not sold in my normal grocery stores (Kroger, Giant Eagle, or Meijer). Instead, after three different stores and searching efforts, I settled for this stuff called Arctic Zero. It is gluten free and has whey protein, with only 36 calories and 5 net carbs per 1/2 cup serving! It's not an ice cream-y consistency as much as it's a frozen treat. It'll do my friends, it'll do.

In addition to my menu choices, I recently came across a pin on Pinterest that I found interesting. It referenced WODs for beginners interested in crossfit. I AM interesting in crossfit minus the heavy lifting, the barfing, and the rumored pooping. I gave it a whirl last night instead of Insanity and found myself pleasantly challenged, winded, sweaty, and sore! I will whirl it again tonight with another workout to see how it goes. This is what I did last night... and my tired, sweaty self after.

Happy Wednesday!

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