Thursday, December 9, 2010

Week 5's workout in place of Week 4 = Crampy feet, sweat and headaches

Monday didn't happen... obviously. I had previous plans and a slight headache. Usually slight headaches turn into barfing migraines when I workout, and I don't like to run and spew, sooo skipping seemed like the only option.

Wednesday rolled around and I was basically obligated to work harder to make up for my Monday miss. As the title of this post so confusingly puts it... Week 4? Week 5? Did you run both? Why would you do that? Lucy, you have some splaining to do!

I started listening to my Week 4 podcast and low and behold the creator forgot to insert the little tidbits that tell you when to run and when to walk. Since I'm ADD to begin with I knew this wouldn't work for me. I had come to a fork in the road. To the left was Week 3 jumping up and down yelling "Pick me, pick me! I'm easy and you only have to run for 3 minutes at the most! Ohhh pick me!" On the right was Week 5 staring at me through not so happy eyes mumbling "Dude, if you pick me you're gonna have to run for 5 minutes three times in a row. Do you really want to go there?"

Staring longly in Week 3's direction, I found my fingers playing Week 5's workout instead... go me! NOT! There are reasons other than 5 minute runs that this work out sucked. I was using some new shoes that were given to me by my cousin. I don't know why, but my feet cramped up like woah bad in them. I might give them another try, but all I did was concentrate on how they hurt and it seemed to make the work out take that much longer.

The work out was as follows: 5 minute warm up, 5 minutes running, 3 minutes walking for 3 cycles followed by a 5 minute cool down. Not too bad for all you in shape running folk. I did the first run without too much difficulty but the last two were challenging with crampy feet. I finished and was super sweaty, hot and red. Then I got a headache... which I still have right now. Woot woot.

Overall skipping Week 4 and going straight to Week 5 wasn't too hard. :) I guess I'll see ya Friday after I go for a second dose of it!

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  1. Good work. No. 1 rule of new shoes - you need to get used to them. as long as the fit is good, those will be way better than not wearing running shoes. break them in by wearing them around the house and to the mall, etc. No. 2 don't tie them too tight. our feet swell as we exercise. No. 3 you're not alone. i remember a mountain run last spring with new shoes where my feet had fallen asleep b/c i wasn't used to the shoes. had to run 5 miles up a mountain like that. it wasn't until i turned around to run back down that my feet came back a bit! J