Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Woot Woot Wednesday

It's been two weeks since I last checked in... but not for bad reasons. Yes, sometimes I don't post when I've had a bad week or don't feel happy in my results, but this time it's strictly due to not having any free time.

It's weigh in Wednesday and yes, I lost two pounds this week :) Last week was one pound and the week before that one more. I have officially hit another mile stone, 60 pounds!!!!!!!!! Essentially I'm still off by two pounds BUT I'm pretty happy that I was able to lose what I did based off of my week and weekend.

Let's just say that I was in the mood for cake, and by mood, I mean the cake demons took up residence in my body and made me bake a cake. One which I then had for breakfast for two days instead of cereal. I had to travel home for a best friend's wedding shower and on Friday the cake demon was defeated by the pizza demon... Chet & Matt's settled very nicely over the cake :) Then the cake demon thoroughly trounced the pizza demon and made me eat two pieces of cake at the shower!

Let me follow up that the rest of the weekend I ate well; salads, grilled chicken, lean cuisine, hummus and veggies and lots of water. Let me also say that a neighbor and I have started two a days. I hit up the gym after work and get my 1/2 hour of cardio in, head home to make dinner and then we go out for another hour walk around the hood or over at the metro parks. I'm not sure if we'll walk the metro parks again without mace because last night a lady said to us in passing "I hope you survive to see tomorrow"... can someone please translate that cray-cray?

More good news, my trainer and I will begin working out again together starting next week :) That means more muscle, less fat and hopefully, less jiggle. It's imperative that I get less jiggle soon because I plan on busting out some Beyonce dance moves in Chicago come Labor Day weekend. It's almost bachelorette time and I'll be on the prowl. Watch out Chicago boys, you're not gonna know what hit ya!

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