Friday, July 29, 2011

Christmas in July!

I let the week get away with me, obviously, it's Friday. I did however, weigh in on Wednesday... baby steps my friends, little teeny tiny baby steps. I also only took a teeny step forward in my weight loss, one pound. Which I'm down with considering I went to Put in Bay this past weekend for Christmas in July and drank more in that night than I have in the past 6 months combined. Please enjoy the few pictures I can post here without offending anymore ;) Don't ask about the helmet man, I don't know why I wanted to pose for a picture with him...

It sure was fun, I can tell you that. It was hot as hades and I was definitely sweaty. I danced up a storm and my legs were killing me for two days straight. Working out with Heather has never made my calves as sore as they were after an hour of "getting low". What does that tell you??

This week is back to semi hardcore strictness as I would like to lose 3 pounds to make up for the missing 1 this week. Unfortunately I've had two beers on a blind date, a happy hour for work and might, MIGHT, make a cheesecake in honor of national cheesecake day tomorrow... it IS a holiday after all ;)

I wish I had wisdom to impart on you, but alas, my wallet has restricted my adventurous cooking side to leftover bread, whole grain pasta and frozen veggies. Til Wednesday my friends, have a wonderful weekend and treat yourself to a bite of cheesecake after you get off the treadmill :)

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