Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Storm Chaser!


I love watching Storm Chasers on Discovery, it's one of my favorites along with Deadliest Catch. I like to try to tell myself I'm not afraid of tornadoes. It's a badly told lie. I've had a weird fascination with them since I was a child and swore I saw one when out playing. To my credit there were water spouts that day on the lake, but no reported tornadoes. I've also had this reoccurring dream featuring one of those twisting terrors, which usually results in the death of my family and dog. Not fun. Last night's dream was a bit different. I dreamed that I dreamed about five huge tornadoes circling around a field near my house. Once the dream me dreamed that, she then experienced it "the next day" and took it as an omen. That means real me had to take dream me's omen and doubly apply it to my life.

As you know, I've been sick since Wednesday of last week and I'm still having issues with breathing through my nose. I took NyQuil and a sleepy time pill this evening to help me sleep the night through. I clearly didn't think over that decision very well knowing that there were some potentially dangerous storms headed my way.

So of course, the sirens go off at 2:40am. I've been coasting on half asleep since I heard the hail and wind pick up but turned into major alert mode once those screaming sirens kicked in. I immediately started shaking from the adrenaline and got myself to the basement and continued to quake and shake the drugs right out of my system. I'm now back in bed after 15 minutes of sirens on, off, on and finally off. Anytime the wind starts whistling through my window I think it's the sirens and tense up. I think I'm more scared of those sirens than anything else...

I know you are questioning my sanity at this point and I would like to blame the pills :) The moral of this post is, I'm a total wuss and will definitely run in the face of a tornado, especially at night when visibility is zero. I leave you now in hopes that I'm able to reclaim my drugged sleep although I sincerely doubt it.

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